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Date Submitted: 9/11/2016
Author Info: Laurie-Jo (Reno, NV - USA) 
Occupation: Self Employed/Entrepeneur 
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No 
Knew someone who perished?: No 

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In April of 2001 we moved from Huntington Beach, Ca to Reno, NV. 6 months later, with a 3 hours time difference, I was awoken by a phone call while my girls were still asleep. It was my sister Perri calling from my home town of Poughkeepsie in upstate NY to inform me of the tragedy and urged me to turn on the news to see what was happening. I watch with disbelief and sadness all the footage of the 1 plane flying into the Trade Center, then a live shot of the 2nd plane taking all those lives. It felt like there was going to be even more tragic events to the world as a whole...I didn't think it was going to end.

A nephew of ours works in the Empire State building and was in the Trade Center just the day before as he is an architect. He was our main concern as a family member, but of course all the victims and their families were in our prayers. 


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Those who die innocent deaths never really die. They are everywhere; we just don't see them in quite the same way. And the culmination of what they were and what their death meant is as prevalent and tangible as the warmth in your soul and the sorrow in your heart.

Imran (story excerpt)


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