A Morning Like Any Other 

Date Submitted: 9/11/2016
Author Info: Nick (Montreal - Canada)  
Occupation: Unemployed/Between Jobs 
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No 
Knew someone who perished?: No 

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On the morning of 9/11, I was getting ready for work. It was a morning like any other. At the time I was working for a local grocery store. I turned on CNN and Fox just to get a bit of news while I was getting ready. When I saw the first Tower engulfed in flames I thought to myself 'Someone is making a movie. There is no way this could be happening.' When the 2nd Tower fell, I fell to the floor. I barely had the strength to pick myself up. A year later, my mom and I attended a 9/11 hockey game that raised funds for the victims, their families, the FDNY and the NYPD. The firefighters and police officers paid the ultimate price to save those in those Towers. As a Canadian, I pray that one day we will have a world filled with peace. I am sending prayers to those who have lost a son, daughter, brother, wife, husband, grandchild, nephew or niece. 9/11 is a day I will never forget. 


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I stood there feeling bad about whoever was in the plane or helicopter, but not feeling anything ominous... THEN... I see it... It was almost like slow motion but it was moving so fast... So low... You didnít have time to gasp... It hit the second tower and disappeared, and suddenly the biggest fireball I have ever seen in my life just shoots wide and high into an ocean blue sky... Whoever wasnít stunned on the train suddenly screamed as everyone ran to the windows...

Brian (story excerpt)


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