The day I skipped chapel  

Date Submitted: 9/11/2017
Author Info: Rebecca (Kensington , MD - USA) 
Occupation: Graphic Design 
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No 
Knew someone who perished?: No 

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As a Junior Studio Art major at a Christian college Tuesday morning was usually time to attend the college chapel. But, on 9/11/01, I skipped chapel to finish up a paper for my Art History of the Italian renaissance class. After I collected my books and paper, I rushed down the staircase to get to class. My friend Heather stop me in the staircase and told me that a plane had flown in the World Trade Center in NYC. She said they ended chapel early. I asked if we still had class but, she did not know. So I walked to my class where we sat watched the horrible destruction before our eyes. When class was over we all left in numb silence.

After I we heard of more attacks I tried to reach my father who work in Chinatown in Washington, D.C. for hours I couldn't reach him. I was so thankful when I finally heard his voice.

Later, that afternoon I went to my 3-D design class. The professor had a discussion about the design flaws that caused the World Trade Center to collapse. He said the steal beams could not withstand the heat of the crash. It felt completely wrong to talk about design flaws when so many had died.  


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I stood there feeling bad about whoever was in the plane or helicopter, but not feeling anything ominous... THEN... I see it... It was almost like slow motion but it was moving so fast... So low... You didnít have time to gasp... It hit the second tower and disappeared, and suddenly the biggest fireball I have ever seen in my life just shoots wide and high into an ocean blue sky... Whoever wasnít stunned on the train suddenly screamed as everyone ran to the windows...

Brian (story excerpt)


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