Feared even in the Midwest 

Date Submitted: 8/23/2019
Author Info: J.D. (Seattle - USA) 
Occupation: Self Employed/Entrepeneur 
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No 
Knew someone who perished?: No 

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I was attended college in Northwestern Ohio and was in class when a teacher from another class came in and told us a plane had hit the World Trade Center. Everyone assumed it was a terrible accident and so class proceeded.

A little while later that same teacher came in to let us know about the second plane. A room full of shocked 18-22 year olds. I don’t think even then we thought terrorist attack because it wasn’t in our vocabulary. I think we understood it now seemed intentional but likely didn’t grasp why. I was out of high school only four months.

Our instructor was a jerk and didn’t let us leave class until our regularly scheduled break. There was no tv in that building so I ran to the main building to the television and stared in disbelief. I remember I called my mom who was back home in Indiana.

What really is the story for me was what came after. I worked at a gas station and I remember hearing about other cities and gas gouging. I spent all my free time laying on the couch watching CNN in disbelief. There was talk of gas attacks and I remember thinking about how best to seal off the house I was renting. TV suggested duck taping all window and door seams and I remember being afraid. All those miles away and in an area likely not on their radar and I was afraid of these people.

I’ll never forget that. 


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Soon both towers came down. We realized that terrorism was now not just what we see on the evening news. The sadness of loss of life increased 10 fold, then disbelief, confusion, anger, and fear.

Bud (story excerpt)


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